Wisconsin judge rejects attempt to overturn factory farm regulations

Wisconsin judge rejects attempt to overturn factory farm regulations

Ruling allows DNR to continue requiring pollution permits for large-scale livestock operations.

A lawsuit filed by industrial agriculture advocates that sought to eliminate environmental protections in Wisconsin state law has been defeated in court. A Calumet County judge ruled on January 30 in favor of state statutes that empower the Department of Natural Resources to require pollution permits for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

The suit was opposed by groups working to protect Wisconsin’s water, including the Wisconsin Farmers Union, Midwest Environmental Advocates, and Clean Wisconsin.

“This ruling not only upholds critical clean water protections, but also reinforces the imperative of responsible practices in agriculture,” said Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden. “The current rules create transparency and ensure that CAFOs are accountable, not only to regulators, but also to their neighbors, who have a right to know that CAFOs are operating responsibly.”

CAFOs have become a big issue in Wisconsin over the past two decades...


Ken Notes: Good news, but just the beginning of this issue. Watch for appeals, legislative agendas, and lobbying at all levels of government to support factory farming. While CAFO`s could digest and heat the effluent, it is cheaper to use lots of water to dilute manure and then pump it onto our fields. The DNR tries to keep this out of our watershed but has little enforcement, few inspectors, and no ability to require better treatment. If they are "caught", the finesw simply become the cost of doing business. We need sound policy based on great models that we know work.

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