GOP bill seeks to end program that promotes sustainability

GOP bill seeks to end program that promotes sustainability

The Green Tier program helps participants improve their environmental performance

A GOP bill would eliminate a state program that encourages businesses and local governments to be more environmentally sustainable, and it would block Wisconsin communities from joining efforts tied to United Nations climate goals.

Republican state Reps. Ty Bodden of Stockbridge, Elijah Behnke of Oconto, and Joy Goeben of Hobart introduced legislation to end the Green Tier program and an environmental compliance audit program. Both programs are overseen by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Green Tier is a voluntary program under which participants agree to improve their environmental performance...


Ken Notes: Seriously? Green Tier is a voluntary program that both encourages and educates business and communities on the value of sound environmental investments. I know the authors of the original program and have often used this platform to advocate for Green Tier`s focus on both environmental design and economic reality. While some may support the UN agenda, Green Tier is focused on Wisconsin business and the Wisconsin economy. It is this balance that may be lacking in other programs that only focus on environmental mitigation regardless of cost. Green Tier works hard to find the formula that make investing in sustainability good for the bottom line. This is a program Wisconsin should share with the world not end at the hands of those who no little of either the environment or economics.

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