Help Protect Wisconsin’s Endangered Resources This Tax Season

Help Protect Wisconsin’s Endangered Resources This Tax Season

Make A Donation On Your State Tax Form

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) encourages the public to give back to nature by donating to the Endangered Resources Fund on their Wisconsin income tax form.

The Endangered Resources Fund supports many of Wisconsin’s rarest plants and animal species. It has helped protect and restore some of the last remaining populations of declining species and special habitats like remnant prairies and oak savannas found in Wisconsin’s state natural areas. In other cases, the funds have helped support species for which Wisconsin may be an increasingly important stronghold.

The Endangered Resources Fund also helps the DNR care for the habitats these plants and animals call home, including Wisconsin’s state natural areas. These sites protect some of the nation’s oldest forests, undeveloped lakes, diverse wetlands and unique geologic features. Nearly 75% of endangered and threatened wildlife species and 90% of endangered and threatened plant species are found in these areas...


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