Calumet County judge upholds DNR authority on CAFO permitting

Calumet County judge upholds DNR authority on CAFO permitting

Farm groups argued DNR couldn`t legally enforce CAFO permitting requirements

A Calumet County judge has ruled in favor of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in a lawsuit that would have limited oversight of manure pollution in state waters.

Last May, the WMC Litigation Center sued the Wisconsin DNR in Calumet County Circuit Court on behalf of the Wisconsin Dairy Alliance and Venture Dairy Cooperative.

In Wisconsin, large farms known as concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, are required to apply for wastewater pollutant discharge elimination system, or WPDES, permits. Those operations include 335 farms with 1,000 animal units or more, which is equal to 700 milking cows. The wastewater discharge permits require CAFOs to take certain steps to prevent manure from polluting water.

Scott Rosenow, an attorney for farm groups, argued that DNR rules on CAFO permitting requirements and agricultural stormwater runoff aren’t consistent with state and federal law. The farm groups asked the court to find the regulations went beyond the agency’s authority and couldn’t be legally enforced.

Calumet County Circuit Court Judge Carey Reed denied the groups’ motions. Reed found the DNR has broad authority that doesn’t conflict with state and federal law....

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Ken Notes: Follow the money on this issues, much will be spent to remove DNR and Local Government Authority regarding CAFO`s and this will fund elections at every level of government in addition to more court cases and lobbying efforts. One who like sausage and law should never watch either being made -- add factory farm dairy to the list...

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