Wisconsin lawmaker introduces biofuels bill

Wisconsin lawmaker introduces biofuels bill

A Wisconsin State Senator has proposed legislation that would make it easier for the state’s retailers to offer E15 motor fuel.

Republican Joan Ballweg is the Chairperson for the Senate Agriculture and Tourism Committee.  She says, “This is just coming out right now. It’s something that has been in the works for the last couple of years, and another way that agriculture can provide our energy infrastructure.”

Ballweg tells Brownfield this is very important for Wisconsin, which has several successful ethanol plants.  She says the bill if passed, it would provide funding and incentives to expand the availability of renewable fuel. “Money for our current fuel stations, that they can do these upgrades because they have to do some changes at their pumps and, it would also say that anyone new that is building, that you put in the technology so that you can get to 15%.”..


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