Farmers for Sustainable Food: Show water quality improvement from conservation

Farmers for Sustainable Food: Show water quality improvement from conservation

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Encouraging results from a three-year on-farm sustainability project show that implementation of conservation practices can have a lasting impact on the natural resources of the farm and surrounding areas. Most notable was that 91% of fields in the project have improved water quality by mitigating excess loss of subsurface nitrogen.

The multi-farm project in Kewaunee and Door counties analyzed 5,400 acres to demonstrate the impact conservation practices can have on both natural resources and the overall farm productivity. The project includes members from Peninsula Pride Farms, a farmer-led conservation group committed to protecting, nurturing and sustaining our precious soil, water, and air...

...The three-year findings, based on 2020-2022 data, is detailed in a 19-page report available online at

Ken Notes: Of course these farms have also made some additional headlines...

Baldwin CAFO assessed $86,000 in wastewater forfeitures

Kewaunee County dairy farmer, 2 others charged with over-spreading manure, falsifying documents

MADISON - A Kewaunee County farmer and a manure hauler have been charged with filing fraudulent documents and allowing so much manure to flow into nearby tributaries to Lake Michigan that levels of bacteria reached more than 400 times the state limit.

Kewaunee Co. CAFO owner penalized for alleged discharge of manure into state waters

Kewaunee County factory farm sues the DNR over new permit that limits animals, orders water monitoring

Wisconsin CAFO fined $50,000, advocates call it “tip of the iceberg”


Kewaunee dairy farm wins national sustainability award for its practices, innovation

...One of the major innovations Deer Run installed, in 2011, was an anaerobic digester, which uses bacteria in an oxygen-less setting to eat organic material – like manure – and afterward emit a biogas, in manure`s case methane. The bacteria consume almost all the harmful pathogens found in manure, reducing them by a thousandfold, or down to one-tenth of 1% of pathogens found in untreated manure....


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