Wisconsin judge upholds key state approval of giant power line

Wisconsin judge upholds key state approval of giant power line

MADISON, Wis. (CN) — A Wisconsin circuit court judge on Monday ruled in favor of a state regulator in a lawsuit challenging its issuance of an important certificate for the construction of a massive multistate power line opponents have been fighting tooth and nail for years.

Environmentalists and others opposing construction of the Cardinal Hickory-Creek transmission line – a high-voltage 345 kilovolt, 17-story-high, 102-mile-long power line being built in Iowa and Wisconsin – started suing in state and federal courts in late 2019 when the ball started rolling on the project, including with initial approvals from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, a public utilities regulator that approves major projects like the power line...


Ken Notes: I regret that we were unable to sit down and discuss alternate routes, exchanging support for trails and tourism options, and other benefits to the State. In stead we have wealthy lawyers no route changes and little to show for our efforts. I would again remind everyone that the highway has already cut a path through the area along what is arguably the least evasive route.

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