2023 Wisconsin Land Trust conference kicks off in Onalaska

2023 Wisconsin Land Trust conference kicks off in Onalaska

ONALASKA (WKBT) -- The state`s 2023 land trust conference kicked off Tuesday morning at the Stoney Creek hotel.

A three-day event attracting land trust staff from across the state, the conference trains them and gives them the opportunity to network.

According to Michael Carlson, Wisconsin`s Alliance for Land Trusts executive director the conference is critical because healthy land and clean water are essential for both people and wildlife....

Ken Notes: Land trusts are doing much to set aside land for the next generations. I wish we could partner the land trusts with developers to create environmental neighborhoods that attract tourist, workforce housing and planned development so we adapt a best practices system rather than a "who gets there first" system. I know of some trust land that should be developed and a LOT of development land that should be placed in a trust.

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