OPINION: Overcoming Wisconsin’s toxic partisanship

OPINION: Overcoming Wisconsin’s toxic partisanship

What will it take to bring people together again?

As I watched the annual State of Education address last week I found myself wondering, is bipartisanship dead?

Pushing back on Republican culture war talking points, state schools superintendent Jill Underly used the word “racist” to describe recent Republican efforts to rewrite school curriculum purging so-called critical race theory. Likewise, high-profile campaigns against LGBTQ and transgender education are “harmful and dangerous to students’ emotional safety and mental health,” she said, adding, “pronouns save lives.” And she promised LGBTQ students, “I have your back” against school bullies. Some of those bullies presumably, reading between the lines of the speech, are the Republican legislators Underly was asking to approve $1 billion in new state funding for schools in the same address...

Ken Notes: Ruth outlines the real problems with partisanship and I would agree it is the largest problem in America today! Using one senator to discuss the issue does not help even if the points were valid.

In the past the environment was an area where there was some agreement and bipartisan support but now it is among one of the more polarizing issues. We should create some realistic environmental goals that bring substantial majorities of voters to the table and then ask politicians to get on board.

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