Wisconsin, neighbors to promote clean hydrogen economy

Wisconsin, neighbors to promote clean hydrogen economy

Wisconsin is banding together with six other Midwestern states to promote development of a “clean hydrogen” economy.

The states, which also include Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, will work together to identify opportunities for advancing sustainably produced hydrogen, which can be a carbon-free energy source, according to a non-binding agreement signed by the seven governors, including five Democrats and two Republicans.

According to a memorandum of understanding, the states view clean hydrogen as an opportunity to leverage existing industry and infrastructure to promote economic growth and energy independence while lowering greenhouse gas emissions...

The MOU is Here...


Ken Notes: Hydrogen is a clean fuel not on many radar screens. A distribution network will be a huge challenge but if we could develop this the potential is there. I have driven a hydrogen car and have seen hydrogen buses and am impressed...

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