Farmers for Sustainable Food: Releases first progress report

Farmers for Sustainable Food: Releases first progress report

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Farmers for Sustainable Food, a collaborative, industry-supported effort to promote and support farmer-led solutions to environmental challenges, released its first annual progress report today.

The nonprofit organization of food system partners grew to 40 members in 2021, up 14 from 2020. Through partnerships with six farmer-led conservation groups across Wisconsin, FSF supported 231 farmers who represent 288,925 acres and 243,720 head of livestock. Through an annual member conservation practice survey, FSF was able to document practices these farmers are implementing and analyze the potential impact on the environment.

Key results: 

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 49,830 tons. This equals the emissions from 10,737 cars driven for a year.
  • Reduced sediment from leaving farm fields by 106,846 tons. One dump truck can carry about 10 tons of soil.
  • Reduced 330,471 pounds of phosphorus from leaving farm fields. One pound of this nutrient that reaches a waterbody can feed 500 pounds of algae...



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