California Has Provided Incentives for Methane Capture at Dairies, but the Program May Have ‘Unintended Consequences’

Scientists and environmentalists appeal for more data, noting that research on the ammonia emissions from processed manure raises troubling questions about a vital element of California’s climate change strategy.

On summer afternoons, thousands of dairy cows at Bar 20 dairy in Kerman, California, seek shelter from the blazing sun under the shade of open-walled barns. After a frenzy of morning activity, the farm is quiet except for an occasional moo, a deep rumble from a tomato truck passing on nearby Highway 180 or the wind whistling through the barn, carrying the acrid manure scent that permeates the air on the farm. The scene is typical in the San Joaquin Valley, an agricultural region that produces more milk than any other part of the country...

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Ken Notes: I never said it was easy. I do love California figuring it out for the rest of us...

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