Residents frustrated by continued delays in Dane County airport PFAS cleanup
Samuel Godfrey was spending one of the last afternoons of his summer fishing off the pier where Starkweather Creek dumps into Lake Monona at Olbrich Park in Madison. The 15-year-old had been there for hours when he finally hooked a pike.

Godfrey released the fish right away. Having grown up fishing the waters in and around Madison and Monona, he knows the water is too polluted with cancer-causing “forever chemicals” known as PFAS to keep anything he catches...

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Ken Notes: Wisconsin was ahead of the curve on PFAS but the rest of the nations is catching up fast. The numbers here are still scary all around but getting better and while the cost of treatment for drinking water could be high and surface water will be fare more prohibitive we are seeing solutions. If we refuse to address these issues as a team in a fiscally responsible instead we will instead address it in the political arena and the courts. The winner as always, politicians and lawyers...

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