There’s No Oil in Wisconsin. The Fracking Bust Hit It Anyway.

Mines that sent trainloads of ‘Northern White’ sand to West Texas sit idle, costing jobs and hurting local-government coffers

TREMPEALEAU COUNTY, Wis.—For years, Mary Drangstveit could feel the shale boom reverberating in her kitchen. This spring, oil prices crashed and the rattling ceased.

It brought relief for her and distress for some others in her community.

Digging stopped at the sand mine next door in Blair, Wis., which had rumbled since 2015 to supply drillers...


Ken Notes: Entire article is behind a paywall, so I`ll give you my version. Imported gas and oil is now cheap so fracking has slowed way down. We provide the best sand but local Texas sand is cheaper so what exists in the fracking market is not using Wisconsin sand. BUT if the prices again climb (and they will) Wisconsin will be back in business. So if sand mining is on your environmental concerns list you may still want to take action or go on record with you local officials now. Do not wait until there is money to fight back....

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