Focus on nature: Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin
There are many organizations worthy of our support and sometimes it is difficult to decide which ones to support when one has limited resources. However, for those interested in nature and preserving it for future generations our state is fortunate to have one of the best organizations possible working for us, the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin (NRFW). I would like to tell you about the organization and share with you some of their accomplishments from their 2019 annual report.

One can tell a lot about an organization by looking at their mission and what they believe in. NRFW’s mission is to connect generations to Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and wildlife through conservation, education, engagement, and giving. They believe that nature has inherent value, and that people can make a positive difference. Together they work with others and partners to build a healthier, more resilient, Wisconsin for future generations to enjoy. These are ambitious goals and NRFW has done an outstanding job of achieving them over the years in my opinion. Here are some examples of what they are doing from their Annual Report...

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