Wisconsin seeks input on managing special natural areas

The DNR’s Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation has revised the State Natural Areas Program’s long-range strategy for the protection of Wisconsin’s highest quality ecological communities.

This new document incorporates current scientific views on preserve design and climate change projections to address major environmental challenges for SNAs. It also identifies primary objectives to guide the program for the next ten years.

Review the updated plan here (PDF)

Email your comments to the State Natural Areas Program at DNRFWPNHCStateNaturalAreas@wisconsin.gov. Comments accepted until Sept. 17, 2020....


Ken Notes: I suggest we use these areas to create Eco Tourism opportunities. Trails, more campgrounds, and the potential to create ownership opportunities on lands adjacent to the protected natural ares will provide economic resources to protect these lands. This is an area we have not fully explored and it does not seem to be on anyone`s radar. I have an Eco TIF plan if any one is interested...

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