Wisconsin has always benefited from old-fashioned cooperation
STEVENS POINT — Two recent Wisconsin-based virtual events served as refreshing reminders that it takes old-fashioned cooperation to get things done. Both events also underscored that protecting and appreciating our natural resources is well worth the effort.

In one event, the state Department of Natural Resources hosted a celebration recently to mark a milestone in the lengthy and costly effort to clean up the lower Fox River in eastern Wisconsin. Representatives of the many partners in the effort to abate PCB contamination of the lower Fox gathered to mark the end of a 17-year, $1 billion project — a milestone in the multi-year effort to heal what was once one of America’s dirtiest rivers. PCBs are toxic chemicals involved in the production and recycling of carbonless copy paper in the 1950s through 1970s. Three companies — NCR, Georgia Pacific and PH Glatfelter — remain active on the river to cover all current and future costs for dredging or capping sediments and other efforts....

Ken Notes: Good read and partially true, but for years cooperation was not the accepted policy on the Fox and some of the earliest plans from the PRP`s were better for the public that what was finally implemented. We also fail to mention the loss of jobs and businesses as paper mills left the state over PCB`s.

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