Charging Ahead: Regulators Approve Xcel`s Electric Vehicle Program

Utility Will Install And Maintain Charging Stations In Homes And Businesses

Xcel Energy customers will have the option to have the utility install and maintain electric vehicle charging stations in their homes or businesses under a new program recently approved by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

"The way it works is a customer would ask us to install an electric vehicle charger in their garage, and they would either pay us up front for that  — the cost of the charger or installation — or they could pay us over time for that charging equipment," said Tyrel Zich, principal rate analyst for Xcel.

Zich said the program lowers the cost for ratepayers to charge their electric vehicles because it uses smart charging equipment that can be programmed to charge the vehicle during overnight hours when electric costs are lowest.

"We see electrification of the transportation industry to benefit both the environment and our customers," said Zich. ..

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