A Conservative Reflects On 25 Years In State Government

Walker Appointee Mike Huebsch Talks About Energy Policy, Act 10

Mike Huebsch, a leader of conservative politics in Wisconsin — who went from Republican lawmaker to political appointee retired from state government this week after 25 years. 

Huebsch of West Salem may not have been a household name since he never held statewide office, but he’s helped shape utility policy in the last five years and was a key player in Act 10, the state law that stripped collective bargaining rights from most public employees and led to massive protests at the state Capitol in 2010. 

Huebsch retires after five years as a Wisconsin Public Service Commissioner appointed by former Gov. Scott Walker. He was also the first administration secretary for Walker, an Assembly speaker and a former state lawmaker from the La Crosse area, first elected in 1994....


Ken Notes: Very interesting read. I believe we need to remove politics from the PSC but I am not sure how to accomplish this, there are actually very few who try and stand in the middle and advocate for compromise.

I was chastised for suggesting we work both sides on the Cardinal-Hickory Creek energy transmission line and now it appears it will get built with little on the environmental side to show for it (except the cost of a protracted legal battle). Now Enbridge is on the table and once again both sides are lined up to do battle, we tend not to learn from our mistakes.

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