PFAS bills face opposition from industry groups, short timeline before session adjournment
Pushback from industry groups could present a challenge for comprehensive bipartisan legislation aimed at addressing hazardous chemicals in groundwater and air pollution — especially as the Legislature rapidly approaches adjournment.

Sen. Dave Hansen, D-Green Bay, and Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, who co-authored the bills, said the legislation was a bipartisan effort, but expressed concern that some industry groups, including the American Chemistry Council and Wisconsin Paper Council, have opposed the proposals. In addition, the legislation could be challenged by two new GOP-written bills that aim to create PFAS management zones.

“My fear is that both bills get killed and nothing happens, that’s my sincere concern,” Nygren said during Friday’s Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy public hearing. “Let’s not let politics of the past, let’s not let other issues, to kind of come to bear here.”...


Ken Notes: We need to get a bill through that the business community can work with, or we will get no bill at all.

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